Monday, 30 May 2016

Helping out around the school (Must do #2)

Yesterday I helped out Kyla for radio station for the past few weeks as the person that she does it with has been busy. I showed the learner quality communication because when her partner said that she was busy I offered to help out that day or that week. I also showed the learner quality self aware because I had to do something before radio and after I did that thing I went straight back to radio.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Leadership meeting #3

On Monday we  had a leadership meeting. We were talking about how we are finding things and also how we are finding getting everything done on time. Eg: SML and House Points for me.
I showed the learner quality communication because we had to talk to someone who did not have the same role as you. I talked to the head girl Hannah. We both had the same idea about how it is hard having to get our SML done before a certain day.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Getting involved. Must do #1

Today I was involved by when my radio station duty was finished I helped out Mr Sy with Jump Jam as well as some of my other friends. I showed the active thinker learner quality because we had to think on the spot on how to set up the computer when it wasn't working.
I showed leadership by doing all of these things.

Junior dance #2

Last week i had junior dance. While I was at junior dance we finished the dance and we also found out what poses we were doing. I had to show resilience with the little kids because they weren't listening to all of the instructions and they we mucking up a little bit. I also showed trustworthiness because since my friend who does it with me is away I have to turn up to all of the duties and do it by myself for a bit. I showed leadership by doing all of this stuff.

Short story

  • use a range of precise vocabulary to communicate meaning (Year ⅞)
  • use all basic punctuation independently and attempt more complex punctuation (eg semicolons, colons, parentheses) (Year 7/8)\

My short story

On a normal school day in Auckland New Zealand,there was a new girl called Jessica. She was a kind hearted, motivated 11 year old girl. The nature and outdoors are her favourite place to be. But she had another side to her which was her trouble side. She was a good kid but sometimes she was pulled into mischief by her siblings and/or friends.

On her first day she received a offer for a job at the school canteen. Of course she said yes. Most of her friends worked there and on Mondays they get paid. Since she did not work the whole week as it was her first week at her new school everyone received $50 and she only received $45.

That day everyone got paid she stayed behind doing the dishes. The supervisor insisted that she went home but Jessica said NO I want to earn my money one way or another. So when the supervisor left she checked that nobody else was in the canteen and heads to the till and sees that it is locked.

She then heads to the cupboard where all the keys and supplies are and finds the right key for the till. She then heads to the till and opens it to see that there is money in there. So she took $55 dollars and headed home.

Later that night her parents asked how much she received and she said $100. They were suspicious so they rang up her friends parents and asked how much they received. They were talking for awhile. Once her parents had finished talking they went over to Jessica and said Honestly how much did you get payed this week Jessica then replied with I only received $45 and I stole the rest Jessica was sent straight to her room and her parents took all of the money off her till she had a meeting with the principal.

The next day Jessica's parents and herself had a meeting with the principal and they discussed how Jessica won't be able to work unsupervised and that all of the money she stole will go straight back to the till. Jessica thought that was fair she was to pay it back and she will have to work for 3 weeks supervision and then they will go from there.

After 3 weeks supervision they have had another meeting and she has now paid it all off and is now working at the school canteen full time without supervision and is earning more than she was before.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Leadership meeting #2

Today we had a leadership meeting and we had to sort out what we were doing for X-Country. I had to sort out all of the pozis and I also showed the leadership quality resilience as I had to do most of it by myself as my partner had to leave early. I showed leadership when my partner had to leave and I was on my own.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Junior Dance #1

On Thursday we had junior dance and we have nearly completed the whole dance and we are performing. I showed leadership while I was doing junior dance because Miss F had to leave the room for a second and I had to make sure I got all of the actions right. I showed the learner quality trustworthy because I had to lead everything.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

I can describe the structure of a Short Story

Something I have learned about the structure of short stories is: It has paragraphs and it is all made up.

After reading some short stories two things I will remember when I write my own short story are to have paragraphs and make sure that you have a punch to it and its strong.