Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My CARE Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am proud of my progress I am doing okay
I think I am doing okay because I have quite a few values highlighted.

How far away are you from reaching your BRONZE/SILVER?
I am 8 boxes away from getting my bronze

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in C / A / R / E
I need to work on respect because that is the value that I have the least signed off in.

To achieve my BRONZE/SILVER award quicker I need to……….
Have a teacher conference to see if I have all of the right ticks recorded and then put those ticks in and then earn more ticks 
The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is……
Work on the ticks I have left.
I will review CARE progress again at the end of the term.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

WALT apply the techniques of improvisation to a range of different scenarios.

Improvisation TECHNIQUES that I have used successfully are..... Always say yes. Thinking on the spot.

Improvisation TECHNIQUES that I would like to have more practice at…… Making it more spontaneous.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this unit was learning all of the new games because I have never heard of them before and they were really fun to play.

The thing that I found most challenging during this unit of learning was getting up in front of everyone because i'm not used to doing that kind of thing.

My favourite improvisation game was doorbell game because it was interesting on what everyone did.

My next step/ something I need to work on further  in improvisation is being more comfortable performing in front of an audience because I was a little bit shy.

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my SLC were:
I enjoyed presenting my reading and maths slides because they were my most detailed ones but they were also the ones that I had to improve on. I also enjoyed showing Mum what we do in our class to pass some time.

What went well and why?
I think time wise it went well because Mr L came at the start and then I finished just before the bell rang to leave. I also think explaining my AsTTle went well because after I explained it Mum had no questions about it.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your SLC?
I was challenged when I had to find evidence for my next step and also finding things to say in my writing slides.

What changes would you make for next time and why?
I would change my leadership slide a little bit because it wasn't as detailed enough as I wanted it to and also how I explained my arts and drama.