Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reading prove it.

WALT-Explore authors purpose.
Step1:find out if the authors purpose is inform,entertain or persuade.
Step2:find out what what the point of view is wether it's neutral,agree or disagree 
Step3:explain what the intended audience Is.
Step4:do the overall statement. 
Then your done. 

Proof for my writing goal.

My writing goal is to use punctuation is the right places. So here is my proof that I have done that.

My career goal is to be an Animal Attendant because I love animals and I like to help them when they need it. The chance of me getting this job is average because not many people like doing it because they get too close to the animals and want to keep them when they leave. In this job you do lots of things such as looking after animals and cleaning up after them, cleaning lots of shelters,feeding and bathing them and a whole lot more!

By Reia

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

(Merit evidence) Dance Group

Today at dance group Alyssa and I had to make up a move that we could do at the end, at first we kinda struggled but we got there in the end.
Something I could do better is to know the dance and focus on going the right way.
Something I did well was keeping in time with the music.
By Reia

Goal Reflection 2015

Earlier in the year i made a post about my goals for this year,

My first goal was to get all of my badges, I think im going ok and i nealy  have my merit badge.I really need to work on getting blog posts up on time.

My second goal was to get some sort of leadership role, I haven't gotten there yet but hopefully I will.

My last goal was to learn lots of new things in yr 7&8 and I have completed most of that. 

By Reia 

maths goal

This is my maths video for algorithm 
By Reia 

Friday, 22 May 2015

My discovery

WALT- To make crayon art.
This is my finished project
I am now up to making a new design for my discovery.
Make a new My Discovery project.

Thursday, 21 May 2015


WALT-Find and percentage of an amount
This is part 2 of my maths goal.
By Reia.


WALT-Find a given fraction of an amount. 
This is part of my maths goal.
By Reia.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Crayon art (My Discovery)

WALT- To create the crayon art
Now that i am up to melting the crayons i need to be really careful.
I am now up to melting the crayons.
Next Step: To let the melted crayons dry.

Crayon art (My Discovery)

WALT- Create crayon art.
Just finished gluing the crayons.
I am up to gluing the crayons
Next step: To melt the crayons.

Friday, 8 May 2015

My discovery

WALT- To make crayon art.
Now i am up to gluing
Next Step: Melt the crayons

My Discovery

WALT- To make crayon art.
Now i am using a hot glue gun i need to be really careful and try not to burn myself.
Now i am up to using the hot glue gun.
Next Step: Glue the crayons on.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A day in Autumn

                       A day in Autumn

      This poem is about autumn and it is           full of awesome.
      As the leaves fall off the tree they            glide like a plane in the air.

     When the leaves fall off the tree they        scream like a girl would when she went      on a roller coaster ride.

       By Reia.  

Solo level: My Solo level is Multi-structural. I'm Multi-structural because I didn't really understand how to write but now I do.

The language features I used were:




Friday, 1 May 2015