Friday, 27 March 2015

Goal Reflection

The thing I was working on this term was getting my merit badge.
But this term I did not earn it because I was not working hard enough and doing all my blog posts.
Next term I am going to work extra hard on everything and get my merit badge.
I still hope I can earn at least my excellence badge.
By Reia

Thursday, 12 March 2015

(Merit evidence)Helping out a group in peer mediation

Yesterday at lunch I helped a group for peer medation when they only had 1 person doing it.
We had no problems which was great. The thing I did good that day was when the person in the group asked me I said yes and helped out until the person that had to do other things came back. The thing I need to work on is to go to more people and see if they need help. I think that peer medation is fun even if you have no problems.

(Merit evidence) Peer medation

Today at morning tea I was on peer medation duty. It was great as kyla and I had no problems.
The thing I want to work on in peer medation is to walk around more and look for more people who need help. But the thing I did good today was starting on time and finishing on time. Even though we had no problems it was still fun! 
By Reia

My wonder writing

My goal for my wonder writng is descriptive words. This is how I've used them. The words in bold are the descriptive words.

Off to the park:
As I was having my delisous breakfast in the kitchen Mum asked Via and I if we would like to take Daisy he friendly dog to the park. We both said YES excitedly! But I had never gone to the park before EVER in my life.

Arriving at the park:
I sprinted in the gate of the park with Via and Daisy the friendly dog. But as I sprinted in I noticed  that these two women were staring at me then they pointed at my face and started cracking up laughing at me and how I looked.

Mum getting MAD:
When I saw them laughing at me Mum aggresavily stormed over to them and started screaming harsh words to them. I was so furious at Mum I dashed to a bush and hid with Daisy and Via.

The drive home:
As I jumped in the car I didn't say a word to Mum. When we arrived home I ran straight to my room and fell asleep with Daisy. Then I think to myself I don't care how I look I am who I am and that is how it is.

By Reia 

Monday, 9 March 2015

My goals for 2015

Here are my goals for 2015
I am aiming to get head girl and get all my badges.

By Reia