Monday, 29 February 2016

Leaders meeting Merit Badge #1

Today all of the leaders had a meeting with Mr L.
It was quite challenging becuase we had to say what it meant in the book by not being a goody two shoes. I said that you have to have a even level of fun and resposibility. I used the learner quality resilient because I did not know what to say when we read the book. That meant that I had to go back through the book and find answer.

Kapa Haka Merit Badge #1

On Friday was our first week at Kapa Haka. It was challening because the year 8 girls had to help out the younger kids and we also had to show responibility so we could get our long poi. While I was at Kapa Haka I showed the learner quality resilience when we had to help the younger kids with the actions because they did not pick it as fast as we did.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Kauri swim sports Merit badge #4

Last Friday all of the Kauri team had swim sports at Jellie Park.  While we were there Lauren and I had the opportunity to do all of the house points. During the day we handed out about 500 pozis. We also had to calculate all of them. The points were amazing. As well as doing the house points we also had to race. I did the length races and the class relay. It was really hard. While I was doing my races and the house points I had to show resilience and goal focused because I was struggling on my races and I was also goal focused to get all of the house points done.

Leadership Reflection

W.A.L.T: Describe the traits of an effective leader.
For the last week we have learning about the leadership traits.
Leadership is a skill of being able to motivate people/teams to work towards a goal.
We had lots of traits that we came up with but we had to narrow it down to six that were the most important. These six are:
-Active thinker
-Goal focused 

To prove that we knew what these traits mean we had to do a describe map to show we knew what to do. This is the describe map that I am going to show you I know what they all mean. To do that we had to read a book about a hero and complete a form that is below.

The SOLO level I am at is Multi structural because I can describe the traits of an effective leader
 My next step is to have a teacher conference and also get to relational

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Getting involved Merit badge Must do #5

Today I joined in on a game of touch with some of my friends. While I was playing the other team had the ball so our team had to try and touch the  before they got a try. I used the learner qualitie resilience because when the other team had the ball we had to use resilience when we were trying to touch them and I also had to use it when I had the ball and I had to try and get away from the people trying to touch me before I scored the try.