Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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The water cycle

The water cycle is a process that the water goes through between land, ocean and the atmosphere. The water is always recycled during the process; the water also changes state, it can change from a liquid to a solid or a gas. The can also change back. The stages of the water cycle are evaporation, condensation, precipitation, groundwater/runoff.

An important step in the water cycle is evaporation. Evaporation is when the sun heats up the water in the oceans, lakes and rivers and turns it into a gas which we know and water vapor(Gas).
Evaporation is faster when it’s hotter because the water heats up quicker therefore, it turns into vapor at a faster. Water vapor (Gas) is also known as humidity, in hotter places there is a high amount of humidity. After the water becomes a gas it goes up into the atmosphere and turns into clouds which is called condensation.

Without condensation and precipitation the water cycle can’t happen because after the clouds form it rains which is called precipitation. All air contains water molecules which are invisible when condensation happens. Condensation also happens more when the temperature is hotter because warmer air contains more water vapor (Gas) than colder air does. After condensation happens precipitation happens. Precipitation is different types of liquids and solids. Eg:  rain, snow, sleet, hail and ice. The amount of precipitation that falls is very different around the world. Some places get precipitation all year round and other places have rainy and dry seasons. After the water vapor(Gas) mixes with dust in the air and turns into clouds and it rains, snows, sleets, hails and there is ice it then moves to the next stage of the water cycle which is runoff and groundwater.

Without run-off and ground-water the water cycle won't start again. Run-off is just water running off the land surface. Runoff water reaches rivers, lakes and the ocean making the water cycle carry on. After runoff the water goes to a place called groundwater storage. It gets to this place by gravity. Ground water has many purposes like keeping plants alive and providing water to lakes.  

The main point is that we need all of these steps to keep the water cycle going and so we have water and so do the plants, lakes, rivers and oceans.

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