Monday, 9 November 2015

Communication team (Excellence badge)

This week for communication team I got to leave a little bit earlier because I had finished all 3 iMovies and I had finished taking all the photos I needed to. The iMovies were a little tricky to do because I had a time limit. In the end I finished them in about 15 minutes because I had finished half of the ones the other day. I also had to go outside and take photos of people showing the CARE values. Most of the people were but some others were not quite doing it. Then once I finished that I had to make a pic collage. That was trickey because I had to try and fit all the pictures into one little collage. That took me about 5 minutes and after that was done I waited for kyla to finish and then we went out to play for the last 25 minutes. Next week I have to take some more photos and then I have to make them into another collage.

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