Friday, 20 November 2015

Reading prove it

WALT: I can make links across texts by recognizing connectives or adverbial clauses.
My reading goal was adverbial clauses. Here is a few examples, An adverbial clause is something that appears as a part of a sentence. It also does not make sense alone and it tells us how,where,when,how long or why. Listing things also does not count. Here is an example of an adverbial clauses, with a smiling face he accepted the award. The highlighted part is the adverbial clause because it appears as part of a sentence, it does not make sense alone and it tells how he accepted the award. We also learnt about some connectives. A connective is something that is used to link one sentence to another or you use it to extend a sentence. Some examples are, in addition to, as a result and even though. 
My solo level is relational because I feel I can do it with no help and I could help somebody in my group.

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