Thursday, 3 March 2016

Food forest and working with the juniors Merit Badge must do #2

Over the last 2 days we have been doing leadership rotations. They included working with the juniors and and weeding in the food forest and in the garden behind the junior classes.

Yesterday in the junior class Room 14 we helped them out in their action stations and also working outside with the chalk. We had to do a CARE values lesson once they had finished with Miss F. Today in the junior area we had a preschool visit. We still did the action stations with them. I was outside with Alyssa doing chalk and hula hoops. But after about 10 minutes I had to leave for a meeting.

Yesterday when we were in the garden with Mr M we were pulling weeds out of the food forest as it had lots of weeds. When we put the gloves on they were way to small as they were for the juniors. That day I also had to leave early as I had another meeting to go to. Today when we were doing the weeding we had to weed the maize maze and harvest all of the corn.

We are doing these leadership rotations because the year 7's are away on camp and we did not want to sit around doing nothing as we thought that it would not help out our learning as much. It also benefited the juniors so they now feel more comfortable with us and no think of us as scary giants.

It was really fun working with the juniors and helping them get used to me and all of the other seniors. My junior that was really comfortable with me was Matilda because she was so fun and energetic. The weeding not so much as there were lots of bugs and lots of spiders. But overall it was really fun and I would definitely do it again.


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